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    I think we all agree that use case in the real world is the most important thing for any blockchain project.Operating in the real world means compliance with regulations.The only business model which creates a truly shared economy is the COOP.By law a COOP is an autonomous organisation governed by its members/workers.1 member 1 vote.Profits are shared according to capital participation.Capital participation can’t be higher than 20% of all COOP shares which stops an eventual takeover by ill intended individuals.I have incorporated recently a COOP.The first resolution we have voted was to use Blockchain technology for conducting the COOPs businesses.Resolutions of a COOP are printed in the LEX journal of every EU member country and could be printed also in the EU LEX-journal.When it comes to decision making COOPs have a certain disadvantage because every decision has to be voted by its members.That means you have to organise a members meeting, debate the proposal and vote upon it.Using blockchain gives a huge advantage in such governance process.COOPs have membership fees and social parts(shares).Membership fees can be payed using the native currency.Social parts are described by law as an undividable part which is bearer of dividends.In case of blockchain it is an NFT like a Digiasset. A COOP can have its own lending union by law.It is very different from a bank.This means DeFi, when using blockchain.Staking , lending, borrowing ,factoring can be perform within a legal framework.Even issuing a COOP stable coin would be legal.In my opinion COOPs and Blockchain fit perfectly together.We would like to build such construct on the Digibyte Blockchain.The advantage for the COOP would be that the Digibyte Blockchain is truly decentralised.The advantage for Digibyte would be that the currency would be used within the ecosystem and the Digibyteblockchain will show its use case by powering real businesses.We are no Devs.We have the architecture and the form and functionality ready.Maybe through this someone from the Dev community will show interest and respond accordingly.

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