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    What if you forget to take a device (mobile phone) with yourself? What if it is broken, stolen, or have no battery, etc.

    A database with that can identify your wallet via a finger print (or multiple fingerprints) + with an additional pin code to access into your account from whenever you are and process a payment would be very useful.

    Merchants still has to support such a network that would allow users to make payments with no device, the network should recognize user accounts via some unique data, which could be a combination of fingerprint and a pin code, or something more complex. Security and simplicity should be priorities in such a system.

    This method of storing your funds on account that can be accessed without a device should be a experimental, users should not risk and hold large amounts of funds on such an account. It could be an additional spending account. Easy to use, and secure enough.

    I hope it can be implemented in payment systems in one way or another and integrated into Blockchain networks.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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