Did I get scammed or did i miss something?

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    I’ve tried to get to Jared, but he don’t answer me. I’ve known about the awareness team for a while.
    So thought you needed to know my case. First I’m invested in DGS, and have had faith in it as “the” crypto currency. So before I get rid of everything I want to make sure.

    I got kicked out from the Telegram chat; DigiByte Official.
    I participated in a “competition” yesterday who I believe was a scam. A ponzi scheme.
    I assume you digibyte people know about it; https://digibyte.live/block/

    According to this https://chainz.cryptoid.info/dgb/address.dws?DNEE6GhjaHSxdMQA66JvDrNeVXPm8mFL4j.htm
    My DGB was “clogged” according to DigiByte official(admin) So I had to double up. Same thing happend.
    Then I was 90% sure it was a Ponzi. I was told to double up again to “unclogge” the transaction.
    I refused of course and suggested he/she could send me the amount I needed to “unclog” it.
    No, not possible i was told.
    Now I was 95% sure it was a scam. Contacted Jared to inform him, to don’t have scammers run the Telegram chat. No answer for over 12 hours.
    I explained my situation on the chat, got kicked. 99,9% sure it’s a Ponzi.

    is it a ponzi run by dgb official? It has to stop…
    can a transaction get clogged and sender has to double up to get it unclogged. WTF? What if was to buy groceries or a car with DGB? It need to be fixed.
    My DGB says it’s not redeemed. Does that mean clogged? What does it mean?

    The amount of DGB is not the point here, I didn’t send it all. It’s the principle.

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    AvatarNigel Borreman

    This is 100% a scam! DigiByte has nothing to do with it, including Jared and all other teams. We warned many people on our telegram and that telegram channel that you were in is a scam chat. The official telegram chats you can only find on our official website digibyte.io

    Nigel Borreman


    Thank you for your answer.
    It’s sad for all the other people who transfer bigger sums.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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