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    Problems that we have with voting.

    The central entity that counts the votes can manipulate data.
    The system needs to prevent accepting fake votes by non existent users.
    Citizens must be able to cast votes anonymously.

    Solution by a decentralized database.

    Blockchain based database can eliminate manipulation of data, which will be directly recorded on the public ledger when the votes will be recorded on the network.

    A second layer blockchain based protocol is required to verify users real identity in a semi-automated decentralized way. Each user needs to get X confirmations by other users that will first recommend the user as a real person, than we need another X amount of confirmations by random users, to prevent manipulation by any group of people. 1

    Once users have been verified by other real users, the system will allow them to cast votes on the public ledger without recording / linking ID information with their vote. So all users votes can remain anonymous, fake user votes will be prevented and the database will provide voting statistics in real time, without the ability for anyone to manipulate the data.

    1 15 or 30 confirmations are required for each user to be verified, ID information must be provided to apply for verification, ID card / Passport / Photo or/and Video. Confirmations by random users are required, so no coordinated group can inflate the network with fake users. If a real person gets rejected by random user verification process, he will need to resubmit and get more confirmations next time to prevent fraudulent activity, possibly without an ability of creating accounts with same ID details.

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    About user verification

    I believe there must be a 2 groups of people that will verify each user.

    One group of local users (15 or 30), so this might be family, friends, people that know each other in person.

    The second group of random users (15 or 30) to verify each user to prevent any coordinated group activity inflating the network with fake users.

    More counter fraud measure can be taken. For example each user can be suspended by other users, if a certain amount of valid users confirm a possible fraud, so it would require to be verified for one more time with strict rules.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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