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Oliver KrilovOliver Krilov

It’s actually not uncommon with ATM withdrawal fees. Some ATM’s take extra fees when you are not a customer with the bank or service providing the ATM services. As topping there’s also yearly and/or monthly fees from just being a customer with the bank, not to mention the extra fees from just having a credit/debit card (that you don’t even have to be using but still need to pay fees).

The obvious difference is that you can hold your DigiByte without a yearly or monthly fee. Card fees will probably and does still exist even in the world of crypto and might not be something we can get rid off for somewhat obvious reasons.

My point is that there are fees in the world of Fiat too.

It is also worth mentioning that the DigiByte transaction fees does not go to any central authority and is divided among the miners which in their turn help provide loads of security for the network and therefor its users. Personally I think it’s a beautiful circle.

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