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AvatarDigibyte Bannon

RK, Interesting feedback, I wish you would have gotten further along, that data and feedback on what that experience might have become, would have be fascinating. I am familiar with the CSA programs and they can be effective, the farmers markets and “farm stores” seem to be the new evolution in the process of “farm to fork” right now, which I think fits with crypto even better then the CSA programs might have.

Can I ask, what State was this going to happen in?

I also 100% agree with you on your last paragraph, if DGB or any other crypto that achieves “mass adoption” wants to reach their full potential, its absolutely imperative they evolve from the techsphere and arrive on Main Street, in some useable and practical way, that improves the lives of people and creates value and efficiency.

Otherwise, this is just another tech industry side show, with little hope of being much more then a glorified casino/stock market simulation! I’ve been working for several years and will work much of the current decade on this opportunity (I’m considering it my final act of my professional life).

I can’t think of a more exciting place to be, with more potential then this!

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