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That would be great, I see it more as an “app” or tech hybrid product, which would allow users to load DGB into “this product” via their long term wallets, have it instantly convert to the currency of your choice, then be able to “take payment or purchase products/services” via traditional international banking tech (IE the swift system/visa/mastercard/discovery/)!
Then be able to convert back to DGB and back out to long term wallet storage.

Now obviously the international globalist banking infrastructure (Reserve Banks) wants to fight this tooth and nail and until hell freezes over, for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being, every form of taxation (VAT, Sales, income) will find this VERY hard to track, disclose, trace, and enforce on the consumers of the world. Hence the elephant in the room, with regard to adoption and financial integration of Crypto into the larger global or local market system.

Obviously a giant like Amazon, facebook, or Google could revolutionize the situation overnight, if they choose to integrate within their already existing infrastructure, a crypto option, but don’t hold your breath, they are all public companies, controlled by banking regulations and incentivized by hundreds of billions of dollars, NOT to do anything like that!

Smartphones are another option that could “innovate” the situation and make some of what I described above possible, but they would need to have operating systems that weren’t controlled by the same Giants I mentioned above!

So Crypto IMO will need to invest in its own digital marketplaces, (IE Amazon, Ebay, etc) and tech infrastructure, if they want to make that a reality, and the international banking system is something so big and insane, I honestly think it may take a collapse of the whole system and a market need to reinvent and rebuild something new, before crypto will be considered. That may not be as far away as many think, but it wont be next year either!

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