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I’ve only been a die hard Digi for a couple years, but have followed Jared and invested in the “Bitcoin Experiment” from almost the beginning in 2010. I have a ton of respect for him, as I do most of the other “renegades of Crypto”. I think his stepping away for a while will be good for both the Digibyte community AND Jared! I think he mentioned in his “statement” he made, that the Digibyte community is capable of taking the project to the next level and he is not “completely” walking away just stepping down from a day to day role.
The “Messiah complex” is very real in the Cryptoverse and it takes a real visionary to realize its not all about him and let the project learn to walk on its own for a while. I’m more excited about the future of Digibyte today BECAUSE Jared had the forethought to step a way a while and get some distance from the project and see where it goes from there!

100% agree — if DGB is truly a community driven, decentralized solution than it up to us to keep moving this project forward! Jared has left behind a great system and has given us all the tools we need to succeed. We have the tech (DGB itself) and a democratic system (DGB foundation) to drive the project forward in whatever direction we choose!

I think Jared’s departure note gives us food for thought — do we want to become a community that is solely driven by mooning our coin and dumping for profit, or do we want to band together and create useful tools on a decentralized platform that will move humanity forward? It is us to us for decide!

I think it is admirable of Jared Tate to let go of the reigns, let the movement drive itself and become a participant of the project by developing apps. We should follow his example!

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