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    Hi Community!

    As of 6th May 2020 I started spreading the word to the DGB community on Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and more.
    So far the response has been motivating, so thank you all for your responses and attitude!

    Here’s a list of changes that were made as of today (7th May 2020):

    - SSL Encryption has been added Thank you to Masked Villian for pointing this out
    - A Cloudflare CDN has been activated (faster load times)

    Here’s a list of things I’ll work on next:

    - Fixing Spelling, Grammar and more Thank you TheUnamatrix for pointing this out
    - Start compiling Marketing Resources into the Resources Forum
    - Start Compiling a list of DGB Social Media accounts to Follow, such as Youtube Accounts, Team Members, Twitter handles etc.
    - Add shortcuts to the DGB Telegram Channels to the corresponding forums

    Here is what I tried to attempt today but need help on:

    - Adding Digi ID Authentification! The WordPress Plugin exists and was installed, however we require “GMP PHP extension” (php-gmp module), and that is something I’m not confident in installing. Here’s the plugin made by a fellow DGB Contributor Taranov Sergey (Cept): Digi-ID Authentification

    Anyway that’s the update for now, will keep you all posted on what else is worked on 🙂




    - Fixed an issue that forced all replies and topics to be approved by Moderation, now anybody can post without the need of approval



    - Added Shortcut links to the Official DGB Telegram Channels, they have been stuck to the top of their corresponding forums

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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