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    Hello, I have found this info. Perhaps it is an interesting read:

    Cyprus hospital adopts blockchain medical data solution from VeChain

    Interesting read! One of the things I thought was if medical data or telehealth video can’t be stored directly on the blockchain, at least it can be used for authentication for the securirty. This seems to be one of the methods VeChain has used.

    I was thinking of an app geared more toward telehealth and urgent care, but seems VeChain’s solution is geared toward hospitals. Seems promising

    Anyone know anything about VeChain? How does it compare to DGB?

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    I’m down to create mock-ups of the app if you’re keen to make this happen vanishh?

    I’d love to know simply:

    1. What problems we would solve

    2. How we would be better than others on the market

    Thanks Ferdi! I’m no expert in this field but I am willing to get the ball rolling.

    Telemedicine is a fast growing industry with an estimated USD 41.4 billion in 2019, expected to be 155.1 billion by 2027 (

    Due to Covid-19, some industry experts say the field has progressed ’10 years in the past 2 months’ which makes it ripe for innovation (

    The single biggest concern is security. Especially right now during Covid-19, many doctors are sacrificing HIPAA regulations and doing telehealth sessions over Facetime or Zoom, which poses major security risks (

    Ideally we would leverage DGB’s high level of security to keep patient health data safe and confidential and add as many other useful telehealth features as possible. The kicker would be if we could do an encrypted video chat between doctor and patient from within the App. The last component I could see is it may have to integrate with health insurance.

    Lot of moving parts on this one, and I think we’d need some help from some industry specialists. But I think first step would be to answer the question ‘would a DGB app which contains personal health data that is transferrable between 2 points (doctor and patient) be hackable?’

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    Great idea, but how the privacy side will work? In order to send medical updates/records to patients, the app must know some very private/specifical information about the user. How we can get past that?

    I’d say a good place to start is looking at current medical apps and see how they operate. They already store sensitive patient data, including SSN’s, I’m assuming in a secure way. Anything that contains health data must be compliant with HIPAA regulations.

    The interesting part to me is could a blockchain-based app become HIPAA compliant? I imagine it would take some coordinating/lobbying with that govt agency to gain the seal of approval. DGB + Digi-ID is already highly secure, this could be a good way to put it to the test!

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    Your second question is surely beyond my “pay-grade”, but I suspect the coins that have been able to make “partnerships” within the current system, are being asked to compromise a great deal, I don’t have any specifics, because I haven’t studied it all that much to be honest. My passion is much more in the “purist” realm of wanting to see DGB or other specific Crypto’s I’m heavily invested in (Zcash and Dash are two others), become actual disruptors and alternatives to the current system, not be Co-oped by it. I do know compromise will be needed at some point along the process, but what and how that takes shape, will be the difference between success and utter failure!

    I see what you’re saying and I agree, eventually I hope the crypto system will disrupt and overtake the banking and payment systems.

    I guess I am more in the camp of ‘if crypto wants mass-adoption, we must bring it to the masses.’ We need ease of use and mass appeal to those that aren’t interested in crypto tech/philosophy the way we early adopters are. I understand that not everyone feels the same way I do about this.

    If something like this were possible with DGB, I’d say the Foundation could look into it and let the community vote!

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    Now obviously the international globalist banking infrastructure (Reserve Banks) wants to fight this tooth and nail and until hell freezes over, for a multitude of reasons, the biggest being, every form of taxation (VAT, Sales, income) will find this VERY hard to track, disclose, trace, and enforce on the consumers of the world. Hence the elephant in the room, with regard to adoption and financial integration of Crypto into the larger global or local market system.

    I’m just wondering how currently existing coins like CRO have already managed to adopt pre-paid debit cards? Partnerships with credit card companies like Visa? I assume there’s got to be some way or else they would have been taken down already.

    That being said, I wonder what it would take for DGB to add this? From both a tech and partnerships perspective, is it feasible?

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    The biggest “value” I would see in the short to medium term with being able to accept or make payment in DGB via debit style cards, would be with creatives and miners, I always think the dream of any crypto enthusiast (myself included) is to be able to purchase, invest, and sell in your preferred crypto, without needing to “leave the ecosystem”, if you wanted to!

    Could you imagine a feature where you could load your DGB on your pre-paid debit card directly from the DGB Mobile app? It would auto-convert the DGB price to the Fiat of your choosing; this would allow you to purchase in the fiat credit-card system seamlessly without having to leave the DGB ecosystem. I would use the hell out of that!

    Add a way to purchase DGB from the app as well and you have instant mass-adoption. As far as I can tell, CRO became the Rank 14 coin solely because of these 2 features.

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    I’m in PST (USA West Coast). Also just FYI, tried using both the Digi-ID feature on my DGB Wallet and the standalone Digi-ID app. Not sure if there is any difference but same error on both

    in reply to: Digi-ID now LIVE on the Forum 🎉🎉 #754

    im getting the same error 401 when using Digi-ID. Also kind of confused, how does Digi-ID know how to tie my Forum account together with it?

    in reply to: Jared made it harder for us. #753

    I’ve only been a die hard Digi for a couple years, but have followed Jared and invested in the “Bitcoin Experiment” from almost the beginning in 2010. I have a ton of respect for him, as I do most of the other “renegades of Crypto”. I think his stepping away for a while will be good for both the Digibyte community AND Jared! I think he mentioned in his “statement” he made, that the Digibyte community is capable of taking the project to the next level and he is not “completely” walking away just stepping down from a day to day role.
    The “Messiah complex” is very real in the Cryptoverse and it takes a real visionary to realize its not all about him and let the project learn to walk on its own for a while. I’m more excited about the future of Digibyte today BECAUSE Jared had the forethought to step a way a while and get some distance from the project and see where it goes from there!

    100% agree — if DGB is truly a community driven, decentralized solution than it up to us to keep moving this project forward! Jared has left behind a great system and has given us all the tools we need to succeed. We have the tech (DGB itself) and a democratic system (DGB foundation) to drive the project forward in whatever direction we choose!

    I think Jared’s departure note gives us food for thought — do we want to become a community that is solely driven by mooning our coin and dumping for profit, or do we want to band together and create useful tools on a decentralized platform that will move humanity forward? It is us to us for decide!

    I think it is admirable of Jared Tate to let go of the reigns, let the movement drive itself and become a participant of the project by developing apps. We should follow his example!

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