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Actually, I had written a script for an explainer video concerning Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s). CSA’s sell shares of their farms in advance and the share holder gets a pre-agreed upon basket of produce every month for the entire growing season. My idea was to reach out to these folks via that video, to show them that they could issue shares via DigiAssets. They could issue an asset or number of assets to share holders that are redeemable upon receipt of the produce.

The whole point was to reach outside of the crypto community to show people how using DigiByte could benefit them and their business.

Most people are not impressed by the “tech” unless it somehow improves their lives in a real way.

In any case the video was never made and as far as I know the person who was going to make it has moved on.

I agree that DGB is the perfect platform for everyday use. People just need to see and understand how it helps them. We need to reach out beyond crypto twitter and get businesses and consumers using DigiByte in their day to day activities.

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