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    So I bought my first crypto, (BTC) in 2010 on a “paper wallet” on Ebay, I bought 5 BTC for $125. That’s how long I’ve been fascinated by Crypto and its potential to change the way the world does business. I mention this, because around the same time, I started thinking about what would turn this technology into a “viable threat” against the fiat currency system, I was currently living in.

    One of the ideas I have always thought was essential for any Crypto to wage war successfully against the current fiat system, and frankly what has drawn me to DGB in particular as a coin that could do this, is this concept I call, the “Crypto Farmer” concept. I’ll be interested to get anyones feedback or thoughts on it.

    So it goes like this, IMO for any crypto to find “mass adoption” (outside of the investment cycle) it will need to perform and provide an alternative AND give an advantage to the average citizen of the world, in their struggle to meet the most basic of their needs first, and fight a corrupt and devaluing fiat system second! The two most basic and essential needs of any human being is fresh water and access to affordable food. A person needs this regardless of wether they have employment or where they live, or what their skill levels are.

    The magic and genius of mineable crypto currencies in theory is, anyone or any organization can “create” a viable currency with hopefully the minimal of effort (and one of the things I want to see developed next in Crypto, is easier and easier ways to CPU/GPU mine, more faucets, and bounty projects) and with that currency be able to buy the most essential things, most notably FOOD. I have always wanted to experiment with Farmers Markets and direct person to person marketplaces, to see what kind of response we could get, incentivizing producers to sell to consumers at a 15-20% discount, fresh food and products, in a direct wallet to wallet transaction.

    This accomplishes a multitude of things in the adoption ecosystem, it allows for more affordable food to be sold to those who want it, it requires everyone involved to “get in the smartphone wallet transaction game”, it creates transaction velocity in the marketplace, it allows farmers to “bank” a certain amount of their crypto gains outside the banking and taxation regiment, (which lets say DGB over the next 3 years only appreciates to only $1, do you think those farmers and direct producers will be happy they sold at the time they did, for a 15-20% discount, and let their profits sit in wallets!) and it allows hungry people or food banks for example, an option other then government welfare, to generate enough revenue thru mining, bounties, faucets, etc to close that “virtuous loop” and buy more food when they need it.

    I actually think DGB is only one of a handful of coins, that meets all the requirements needed for this experiment to be successful, theres obviously a mountain more info that could be laid out here, but I’m curious to see if anyone else sees this potential in Crypto and DGB and what your thoughts are???


    Actually, I had written a script for an explainer video concerning Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s). CSA’s sell shares of their farms in advance and the share holder gets a pre-agreed upon basket of produce every month for the entire growing season. My idea was to reach out to these folks via that video, to show them that they could issue shares via DigiAssets. They could issue an asset or number of assets to share holders that are redeemable upon receipt of the produce.

    The whole point was to reach outside of the crypto community to show people how using DigiByte could benefit them and their business.

    Most people are not impressed by the “tech” unless it somehow improves their lives in a real way.

    In any case the video was never made and as far as I know the person who was going to make it has moved on.

    I agree that DGB is the perfect platform for everyday use. People just need to see and understand how it helps them. We need to reach out beyond crypto twitter and get businesses and consumers using DigiByte in their day to day activities.

    AvatarDigibyte Bannon

    RK, Interesting feedback, I wish you would have gotten further along, that data and feedback on what that experience might have become, would have be fascinating. I am familiar with the CSA programs and they can be effective, the farmers markets and “farm stores” seem to be the new evolution in the process of “farm to fork” right now, which I think fits with crypto even better then the CSA programs might have.

    Can I ask, what State was this going to happen in?

    I also 100% agree with you on your last paragraph, if DGB or any other crypto that achieves “mass adoption” wants to reach their full potential, its absolutely imperative they evolve from the techsphere and arrive on Main Street, in some useable and practical way, that improves the lives of people and creates value and efficiency.

    Otherwise, this is just another tech industry side show, with little hope of being much more then a glorified casino/stock market simulation! I’ve been working for several years and will work much of the current decade on this opportunity (I’m considering it my final act of my professional life).

    I can’t think of a more exciting place to be, with more potential then this!


    It wasn’t going to be a particular State, it was going to be a video illustrating the idea and focused on the CSA’s, regardless of where they were. It could just as well be any community, but the CSA’s seemed to me to be a great fit for DigiAssets. We just wanted to introduce the concept to the farmers at large.

    The larger point was to give a specific example of how it could be used and show it to innovative and passionate communities, people who would be willing to take that extra step to better that community or project and then share their experience with other farmers around the country.

    Unfortunately I have no video/design skills to speak of and they didn’t use the script to make a video before the person moved on.

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