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The biggest “value” I would see in the short to medium term with being able to accept or make payment in DGB via debit style cards, would be with creatives and miners, I always think the dream of any crypto enthusiast (myself included) is to be able to purchase, invest, and sell in your preferred crypto, without needing to “leave the ecosystem”, if you wanted to!

Could you imagine a feature where you could load your DGB on your pre-paid debit card directly from the DGB Mobile app? It would auto-convert the DGB price to the Fiat of your choosing; this would allow you to purchase in the fiat credit-card system seamlessly without having to leave the DGB ecosystem. I would use the hell out of that!

Add a way to purchase DGB from the app as well and you have instant mass-adoption. As far as I can tell, CRO became the Rank 14 coin solely because of these 2 features.

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