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Actually Josiah Spackman talked about staking in a Crypto Mug Investors podcast, the link is here ( the part begins at 54:40 ).

Thing is POW is the better than POS, for sure, so I don’t think PoW is gonna go anywhere, maybe DigiByte can be forked and be both PoW and PoS at the same time? But I really don’t know how. The biggest problem with staking is ( as in Josiah said too ) it benefits the rich too, because the more DGB you stake, the more you get, “the rich get richer, and the poor get nothing”, so Its not fair for the distribution of it and it would only affect the price, not organically because of staking.
But maybe we can sort this problem out and develop something fair, who knows? The question still remains, and DigiByte is open up to every possibility, we are forward thinking as always !

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