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Alex, I quickly looked over both links, thx so much, as i stated I’m not a coder or developer, so my interest is in investment, implementation, marketing, and education of any practical applications that exist.

For example, I have access thru a mentoring opportunity and a national non profit, to educate potentially 1000’s of HS kids, most of who are fascinated with the idea of Crypto, but who have no access to credit cards, coin exchanges, or resources to “play around” with buying crypto. If there was a way to easily and reliably show these kids,(who amazingly all mostly have iphones, ipads, and access to laptops, etc) how they could mine DGB with there existing devices and if they wanted to take it to the next level, how they could mine with GPU potentially, I think that would be great for them and DGB ultimately!

My main interest isn’t in today, it’s in 1-5 years from now, I know most people “working” in Crypto are doing exactly that, trying to make a living, or turn a quick profit on investment. But as Jared and others have begun to express, the culture in Crypto is starting to become very “short sighted” and IMO is losing track of the original purpose of mineable Coins. I’m certainly not implying I alone can enact some great change, but I am trying to push forward with meeting people, exchanging ideas, possibly investing in some things related to DGB if the opportunity exists, but mostly I want to assist (if I can) in DGB reaching its full potential!

If anyone wants to chat directly you can email me at [email protected], but I completely intend to continue to participate in this forum and others.

Is there anything currently developed using RandomX to experiment with, or incentivize others to build out on? Also has anyone spent anytime up until now, creating easy to understand processes (digital content) with regard to GPU mining DGB as well, and by that I mean, material the average person can without much education in coding or web developing, understand, purchase, setup, download software, and begin mining in an easy, real and practical way?

I have over the years done some mining of other coins, both GPU and with Bitmain products and spent hundreds of hours on youtube watching just mostly complete garbage, hard to understand, hard to follow without a developer background, stuff! It was frustrating and annoying to say the least, I stuck with it because i had the time and passion for the subject. I would love to see the DGB community embrace being the coin, that reinvents the way we market and most importantly talk to the general public about the opportunity DGB is!!

As always, any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated.

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