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With DGB’s strong security and recent integration of Digi-ID, I’m wondering what it would take for us to develop a DGB-based healthcare app? Since we already have the Covid-19 tracking app, I feel this isn’t too far of a leap.

I imagine if we could develop an app that medical facilities could use to send patient medical updates/records, schedule appointments and possibly even prescriptions, it would be a huge use case for DGB. Imagine the positive press: “DGB creates the first blockchain-based, HIPPA compliant app for the healthcare industry.”

I could see something like this used in an urgent care/Quest Diagnostics, which would be great since those existing apps usually aren’t very good anyway.


I like the idea of using our tech to disrupt/push forward industries.

I’m down to create mock-ups of the app if you’re keen to make this happen vanishh? 📲

I’d love to know simply:

1. What problems we would solve

2. How we would be better than others on the market

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