📌 A list of Community Requests 📌

To facilitate community requests, and member's desire to contribute, a public list of ideas showing the support behind each one, can help in the creation of decentralised solutions.
  • 1

    Accumulate ideas via #hashtag, forms, and shared documents.

  • 2

    Publicly showcase the ideas. Then prioritise those ideas based on votes.

  • 3

    Contributors and volunteers can choose freely on what they want to work on.

1. Gather

How might we gather data on what the community wants? Possible methods may include:

  • Tweeting with a hashtag, e.g. #DGBWants
  • Ideas via Telegram, Reddit, and the Forum
  • Using YouTube and Instagram tagged with #DGBWants

  • 1. Gather
  • 2. Vote

    After accumulating community requests, we allow the public to vote on them 🙌

    • Here, we can give voters a limit of 5 votes for example
    • Votes are displayed to the public, voting may close after a set amount of time.
    • This initiative can be conducted frequently, such as quarterly.

  • 2. Vote
  • 3. Build

    Hooray! We know what the DigiByte Community wants. Let’s get to work! 💪

    Once the voting finishes, developers, contributors, and the community at large will be able to work on these ideas with confidence knowing that their time and effort will be efficient.

  • 3. Build